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Where to begin?

To get started, find your machine brand on the Capsule Compatibility Chart - then peruse the "Browse Capsules" Menu to explore a huge range of compatible Capsule. Most capsules contain links to somewhere they can be purchased online.

What is "Compatible"?

There is no Universal Capsule that fits all Coffee Capsule machines. Instead Capsule Machines are typically designed to only take their own particular brand of Coffee Capsule. This means more sales for the Coffee Machine Company - This is the "Printer and Ink" approach... Sell the Printer for cheap and make your money on the Ink.

However as Coffee Capsule Machines become more popular, there is an increasing amount of aftermarket Coffee Capsules being made by Coffee Makers, to fit into existing machines.

Also; Traditional Coffee Companies are increasingly joining in on the Capsule revolution and producing their own offerings in Capsule form. At this point a Coffee Capsule Machine manufacturer will often license their machine to this Coffee Company, and allow them to rebranded the machine and sell them with the Coffee Companies Capsules.

This means that many Traditional Coffee Companies are all using the same (but rebranded) Coffee Capsule Machines. Which means that YOU get the benefit of trying coffee capsules from many Coffee Companies.

What is "Character"?

Character on this website is the Taste or Aroma of the Coffee as described by the Coffee Capsule Company themselves. 

What is "Intensity"?

The Intensity rating is the strength of the Coffee (bitterness or Coffee Taste) and in some cases the amount of Roast detected in the taste. Intensity ratings on this website are those described by the coffee capsule brand.
In cases where the Coffee Capsule Brand has described their Coffee as Light; A rating of 3 is given. Medium/Mild a 6 is given, and Strong a 9 is given.

What is "Beverage Style"?

This is the recommended style or cup size of the coffee. This is to get the maximum balance out of the drink. These will be listed as either:
Ristretto 25ml, Espresso 40 ml, Lungo 110 ml, Cappucino etc.
When Leaving a review for a Coffee Capsule, it would be most fair to enjoy it under the recommended Beverage Style.

How to Review and Rate

No Registration or Login is required to post reviews; so if you have any thoughts you would be happy to share about a particular Coffee Capsule, please leave a rating or review.
Any contribution will help others looking for the right Coffee. At the top of every Brands Coffee Capsule List, is the Coffee Brand itself, where you can leave your reviews about the Brand in it's entirety.
Coffee is hard to rate as everyone has their own opinion on Coffee. However to most effectively rate, provide the ratings based on how much the Coffee lived up to the Manufacturers promises in taste and quality.

Where and How do I buy the Coffee Capsules?

When you find a capsule you like.. look for the Buy Now! Link to an Amazon or Ebay sale to get it cheap. If this is not available on the listing. Check out that Brands Main Profile Listing, and follow the link to their official website to find their online store or ordering instructions.