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Café Escapes

Café Escapes Coffee Capsule Reviews

Café Caramel Specialty

A light buttery caramel sensation.

CompatibilityKeurig K-Cup
Café Mocha Specialty

Sweet and delicate. Treat yourself with a sophisticated cocoa and coffee.

CompatibilityKeurig K-Cup
Café Vanilla Specialty

Certainly the world's two most favourite flavours coming together. To be enjoyed everyday is this sweet, but surprisingly light treat.

CompatibilityKeurig K-Cup
Chai Latté Specialty

Black tea intertwined with cinnamon and exotic spices - add a splash of milky sweetness to top it off.

CompatibilityKeurig K-Cup
Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Rich and sophisticated - this is the dark stuff, with just the right amount of sweetness.

CompatibilityKeurig K-Cup
Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Treat yourself to an unbelievably creamy hot cocoa. Nothing ordinary about this cup of chocolate.

CompatibilityKeurig K-Cup