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Barista Prima Coffeehouse

Colombia Coffee

Arabica beans from Colombia. Tastes of Walnut, accented by bold fruit notes. A sweet, full-bodied finish.

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Decaf Italian Roast Coffee

A decaf blend, somewhere in between a bright, bold taste of the Colombia offering and the intense, smoky-sweet essence of French Roast.

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French Roast Coffee

Bold yet elegantly-bodied quality Arabica beans showing their rich and full-flavoured complexity. A dark roast.

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House Blend Coffee

Blended to evoke the comforts of your favourite coffee house. Balanced with citrus and the subtlety of bittersweet chocolate, and a well rounded toasted nut finish.

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Italian Roast Coffee

Heavy-bodied. Rich. Ripe fruit and berry notes ideally balanced, with a hint of smokiness and finishes sweet.

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