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From the late 1800s to today, we have been committed to achieving excellence in the production of coffee. We can count on solid expereince, treasured over the course of more than a century in business. Our entire history is marked by a series of brilliant insights, starting with the very concept of blends, invented by Lavazza at the turn of the 20th century.

Today Lavazza is the symbol of Italian coffee around the world, the priviledged beacon of our lifestyle and the values of our country.

Discover how this happened, year by year.
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Lavazza the best pod coffee you can buy
I never wanted a pod machine due to the fact a decent coffee maker hadn't at that stage come into the market. Nespresso was revolting and there was no way I was going to spend my money on rubbish coffee.
Then I saw that Lavazza had entered the Pod zone and I bought a machine and tried the pods with fingers crossed.
This is by far the best pods I have ever tried and I have tried many.
Cons: they are expensive and not very often on sale. Plus the supermarkets only keep the basic ones. The range has some stunners and so I usually have to find a JB HiFi that sells them.

We have bought these machines as gifts as family have commented when around how nice the coffee is. Selfishly also as we then know that when we go to their house we know we will get a good coffee.

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