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Energetic SUPERIORE is untameable; a vigorous and spicy blend marked by complex hints of dark chocolate, oak, sandalwood and roasted hazelnuts, rounded off with a full-bodied, golden crema layer for intense coffee pleasure – magnified to the power of espresso in highest gear.

Sold as Superiore from Piazzo D'Oro.
Sold by Maison Du Cafe France & Douwe Egbert Netherlands.

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L'or Espresso
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  • South American Arabica
  • Central American Arabica
  • Asia Arabica
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Really nice
I usually make it as a lungo. It has good crema, a very full and satisfying body, with a robust but not overpowering strength and no bitterness, and really interesting complex set of tones that complement rather than compete with each other. Much better than average 'barista' coffee

Best Lor capsule I have had so far
This is my favorite capsule. It is a fairly strong coffee, although not really what I would call a 10, more like an 8.

It does not have the strong overtones as people say. However it is missing the bitterness and the sour taste of other capsules.

Essentially not a Great capsule but the best of this bunch.

This one could become my morning substitute
When I ran out of my usual Nespresso capsules I bought these to try out instead and I liked that this was still strong but with a smooth flavour.

Not bad
I thought I would give this a go to save a little bit of money on Capsules. (a few cents per capsule compared to Nescafe). It's not bad, just not worth the savings. I don't know how Nescafe get so much more intensity and flavour, but this just doesn't meet the aroma, flavour and intensity standard set by Nescafe Capsules.

Weaker than Nespresso
I found the Superiore's rating of 10 quite weak when compared with the Nespresso's intensity ratings, and didn't get that coffee aroma once brewed.

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