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Elegance embodied, the finest Arabica beans are dark-roasted to perfection to form an intense deep colour and a daring almond-citrus aroma impatiently awaiting the moment of its release. A testimony to the talent of L’or Espresso master blenders.

Experience an elegant and sparkling almond-citrus aroma, blended for the pinnacle of espresso coffee enjoyment.

Straight to the point, OR Rose is quick to express its robust character and almond-citrus aroma, softened by a velvety crèma layer sparkling with the elegance of white stardust … a distinguished blend for discerning espresso connoisseurs.

Sold by Douwe Egbert in Netherlands.

Sold as Sublime Or Rose by Piazzo D'Oro in Australia & Maison Du Cafe in France.

(See L'or Espresso Profile Listing for regional websites)
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