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Lungo Profondo

An intensely fragrant and intriguing blend, showcasing toasted almonds with aromatics of licorice, refined with a lovely golden crema and a definite hint of caramel.
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Beverage Style
  • Lungo
  • Robusta
  • Arabica
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Didn't work too well with Nespresso U 2015 version
Just bought a Nespresso UMilk and this website was of great help to me in figuring out which other-branded capsules to try so thought I'd give back.

L'or Espresso Lungo profondo didn't work too well in the UMilk machine - the needle is too thin to pierce the capsules and the holes that are already in the capsule don't seem to be enough - coffee turned out quite watery and the capsule was almost full when ejected from the machine. Coffee was also too bitter for my taste but that could be personal preference

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