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Lungo Americano

Dark roasted for a rich, intense flavour with hints of cocoa. A blend of Brazilian, Colombian and Peruvian Arabica produces a smooth aromatic flavour with a little Vietnamese Robusta.
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Capsule Details

Beverage Style
  • Espresso
  • South American Arabica
  • Vietnamese Robusta
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Use if you want to destroy your Nespresso machine.
When Dualit first produced these capsules, they were of a fairly good standard, the quality of the capsule and the coffee was noticeable.

In the last year however, they have produced a low quality product. I have tried all their coffee pods with the following results:

1. Due to the hard plastic shell, you have to force the Nespresso lid down. After a while, this breaks the handle.

2. The seal and coffee packing is poor resulting in up to 20 ml of water before the coffee comes out. This results in a weak expresso.

3. The way the coffee is packed results in the machine having to work extra hard to push the water through. This breaks the pump or seals after some time.

4. The flavour of their coffee has steadily become more bitter. This leads me to believe they are using lower quality coffee beans than previously.

I'd avoid Dualitt all together!

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