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A delicate frothy milk covers a shot of rich espresso, keeping it snug and warm.
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Nescafè Dolce Gusto
Beverage Style
  • Cappuccino
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I bought a box with 16 pods and the first one I tried only a white froth came out from the machine do they put coffee in the pods or is just sweet powdered milk? Not impressed won't buy cappachino pods again espresso however is not bad.

Coffee Great, Soy Milk Yuk
The coffee from this machine is really good, spoilt by the soy milk which is disgusting. Could be the best on the market if the milk thing gets fixed.

Nice Cappuccino
The very first time I tried this, not having tasted powdered milk in my life, I found the milk flavour to be somewhat offensive. It does however take a bit of getting used to and after a while you don't mind it so much. It is good coffee and it provides a nice caffeine hit.
While having the milk powder capsule is convenient I would much prefer to use real milk and thus I think that Dolce Gusto should sell their own brand of milk frother to accompany their machines which can the be used in tandem with their espresso coffee capsules so that one can make a real cappuccino.

10 out of ten for convience, but I don't really like the soy milk flavour

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