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A delicate roast of Arabica beans from Brazil, Columbia and Peru for a well-rounded coffee highlighted by a sweet and spicy taste, and flavor of honey and butterscotch on a foundation of malt.
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Capsule Details

K-fee System
Beverage Style
  • Espresso
  • South American Arabica
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Very bland
So disappointed, this has very little flavour

Enjoy my Aldi Tauro Pod.(5). I find it smooth and creamy .
My only windge about it is that it's not available at Aldi all the time..

I was very excited to try this coffee after seeing such great reviews of the Aldi Expressi coffee system (not this specific flavour). I chose this flavour based on the description - it sounded quite smooth and mild - but it was quite disgusting! I had one sip, gagged, and poured my cup into the sink. I even tried a new pod in case the first one was somehow contaminated, but no luck. It was just as bad.

I am taking it back to the store now and will hopefully find a nicer flavour - if not I will be taking the whole machine back.

Very poor start. :(

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