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Columbian Espresso

A rich blend of fine Colombian espresso, with notes of aromatic dark cocoa balanced with sweet and fruity characters for a perfect cup enjoyed any time of day.
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Caffitaly System
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Coffee drinker
The green branded Columbian Espresso was Woolworths best. NOW they have redesigned and have the Red - Espresso Roast (5), Orange - Medium Roast(3) but NO more (4) rating other than decafe. May change brands and coffee maker. Out with Caffitaly may go to Nespresso. WHY WHY WHY?????????

Not my cup of tea
Please note, this is my review based upon my dislike towards the taste rather than Woolworth's select brand of this flavour vs another.
I found this disgusting. It should not be called coffee as any coffee flavour is masked by bitter almost citric overtones. I'll be very cautious of any coffee using the Colombian title in future. The difference between this and a regular espresso is larger than the difference between a regular cup of tea and Earl Grey tea.

Excellent quality
Excellent quality at a reasonable price

Better than Map
Tried the Woolworths Select capsules after the Map didn't meet expectations and had better results.

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