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Pingo Doce

Pingo Doce Coffee Capsule Reviews


A smooth and aromatic coffee of 60% Brazilian Arabica combined with 40% Indian Robusta, this is a well balanced and slightly acidic blend.

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Exquisite and aromatic, this is a heavenly blend of 100% Arabica from regions of Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia and Ethiopia.

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Chá Preto

Enjoy a steaming cup of Black Tea in seconds from a convenient capsule. Premium Kenyan Camellia Sinensis leaves that provide an intense aroma and flavor.

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100% Colombian Arabica to light up your tastebuds.

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A strong, heavy and flavorsome coffee due to the high percentage of Indian Robusta, mingled with Brazilian Arabica to balance the flavors.

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A caffeine free blend of 30% Indian Robusta combined with 70% Brazilian Arabica.

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