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Here is a List of known Coffee Capsule and Coffee Pod Compatible Machines and Coffee Capsule Compatibility between various Machines.

Scenario 1: Rebadged Coffee Capsule Machines
A Coffee Company who developed their own Coffee Capsule Machine (and Coffee Capsule Shape) - will offer it to other Coffee Companies who don't have their own machine. Typically, these Machines are rebranded to look like they are specifically for the other Coffee Company - this other company will often claim that their are no compatible capsules (They want you to only buy their offering) - when in fact every rebranded machine is compatible with another.

Scenario 2: After-Market Coffee Capsule Machines
There are Coffee Capsle Machine Manufacturers, who don't have their own coffee, they just make machines that are compatible with a partiucular shape coffee capsule. Again, they might claim to only be compatible with a particular Coffee Company, but are in fact compatible with all other Coffee Companies who utilise that coffee capsule shape.
The Capsule Shape compatibility will be listed on the Product Box.

Scenario 3: Compatible Coffee Capsules
Coffee Companies who don't have their own Coffee Capsule Machine - are allowed to create Coffee Capsules and Coffee Pods that are Compatible with any Coffee Capsule Machine. The Machine these are compatible with will be stated on the Product Box.


Well.. now you can open up yourself to a whole new world of flavour by finding which Coffee Capsules are compatible with your Coffee Capsule Machine.

Find your machine below and enjoy a huge variety of compatible capsules... 


Machine Compatible With
Bellini Coffee Capsule Machine All Nespresso compatible capsules
Bellini "Map" coffee capsule machine All Caffitaly compatible capsules
Cafè Expresso by Pingo Doce All Caffitaly compatible capsules
Caffisimo by Tchibo All Caffitaly compatible capsules
CBTL All Caffitaly compatible capsules
Chicco d'Oro All Caffitaly compatible capsules
Cuisinart All Keurig K-Cups compatible capsules
Dallmayr All Caffitaly compatible capsules
Dualit Piccolina All Caffitaly compatible capsules
Fagor by Stratco All Caffitaly compatible capsules
Map Italian Coffee All Caffitaly compatible capsules



A Note about Caffitaly and K-fee Compatibility:

It has been discovered that K-fee System Capsules have a slight compatibility with the Caffitaly System and vice-versa.

The Capsules fit into each others machines, however not a perfect fit, they still work fine.