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Limited Edition Colombian Terroirs by Nespresso

Nespresso have announced two new Limited Edition flavours: 

Cauca with an Intensity of 6. Described as being complex and aromatic, with fruity-winey and ripe fruit notes.

The Cauca is grown in an area with high temperature variations, this reduces the coffee bean ripening rythm and gives it a higher level of acidity along with very sweet notes. The soil is volcanic, which gives their coffee beans the red fruit aroma and tangy flavour. It is recommended to enjoy this bean as a Cappuccino to experienced its balanced flavours, and to bring out the toasted cereal notes.

Find it's listing here: Nespresso Cauca


Santander with an intensity of 7, described as being balanced and round, with hints of toasted bread and caramel notes. 

The Santander is grown in a hot and dry region, but the beans grown in the shade, giving it a balanced body and medium acidity. The Santander beans are grown in calcerous and dry soil, producing characteristics of herbs and fruity notes. It is recommended to drink this as a Latte Macchiato (1/2 Espresso & 2/3 Milk Froth) - to experience the rich body and enhance the sweet biscuit and hazelnut notes.

Find it's listing here: Nespresso Santander


We here at CCR have not had a chance to sample these yet, but are eager to leave a review soon

Buy them now!


Nespresso Compatible Tea Capsules Added

Finally! We can now enjoy Tea Capsules in our Nespresso Compatible Machines.

Check out the offerings from Dilmah and Cuida Té here: Nespresso Tea Capsules

There is also a Chocolate Drink by PODiSTA available with Nespresso Machines: Nespresso Chocolate Capsule

Keurig trying to Lock Out the Refill Market?

Keurig (Green Mountain Coffee Roasters) are fighting tooth-and-nail for market dominance, but are being hampered by a growing after-market capsule industry. These "non-licensed" compatible capsules can often retail for up to 25% less than the offerings from Keurig. Well, it appears that Kuerig has a plan to change all that. The much-anticipated "Keurig 2.0" will contain some fancy technology (Interactive Readability) that will detect an unliscensed capsule and refuse to brew.

It looks like Keurig aims to fix the "problem" of their Coffee Capsule Machine buying customers in preferring to go with reusable capsules and aftermarket brands. FYI - Keurig makes most of their money selling Capsules, not Machines. And Coffee Capsules account for more than a third of dollar sales in all retail packaged coffee.

Keurig's solution?

In a lawsuit (pdf) filed against Keurig by TreeHouse Foods - they claim:

"Green Mountain has announced a new anticompetitive plan to maintain its monopoly by redesigning its brewers to lock out competitors’ products. Such lock-out technology cannot be justified based on any purported consumer benefit, and Green Mountain itself has admitted that the lock-out technology is not essential for the new brewers’ function. Like its exclusionary agreements, this lock-out technology is intended to serve anticompetitive and unlawful ends."

Keurig's CEO has confirmed that they intend for their new machine (Due for Launch this year) to be designed to "Not work with unlicensed pods".


A possible problem that Keurig faces, is a boycott from knowledgable Coffee Capsule drinkers - who may instead find a Capsule Machine that allows them to tap into the vast range of more affordable (and sometimes tastier) after-market capsules. For example the Cuisinart Capsule Machine is Keurig K-Cup compatible, and will accept any other capsule that fits. However... the number of Capsule Drinkers that will even be aware of these shenanigans will be very slim. And it seems that the news appears to be getting Keurig Investors excited:



But some customers are not so excited:


From Reddit user esadatari:

I hope their social media hounds see this message clearly.

I am currently a customer who very much enjoys my Keurig coffee maker, and I am someone who enjoys my store brand coffee blends that come in the Keurig refill packs. I don't have to pay outrageous amounts of money to enjoy a single cup of coffee.

I am not some potential consumer demographic, I am your target consumer who has already purchased your products, and was even about to start having some brand loyalty.

What Keurig is doing will ensure that not only will I refuse to buy your new product, Im going to tell everyone who will listen (including the hundreds of people I come into contact with at work every day) about what Keurig's plans are and why that's so incredibly bad for market competition and the consumers who buy from them.

New Intense Espresso Capsules

Nespresso Releases Two Intense Flavors  

New Intense Nespresso Capsules, Dharkan and Kazaar, have been
released as part of their permanent Grand Crus range. 

This may have been a result of market analysis and feedback that
even their Ristretto, made popular by Mr George Clooney, was simply
not strong enough for some coffee enthusiasts. I know I'll be ordering
some in my next batch. What are your thoughts on the new range? 


Dharkan and Kazaar Nespresso Capsules













Coles Finest Capsules

Coles Enters Market with their own range of Capsules


Here at Coffee Capsule Reviews, we like to try out the new coffees we can get our hands on.

The new Coles variety got us excited, as they are a very affordable addition to the Nespresso compatible coffee capsule range.


coles coffee capsules

Coles Coffee Capsules are currently available in four varieties to suit most tastes.

We started by trying out the Sumatran Coffee, with an intensity of 10 it has a bitterness to it, but were pleasantly surprised at the quality -  we are looking forward to trying out the rest.  Check them out at your local Coles and tell us which is your favourite!